An Eventful Week

17 05 2012

I hosted a birthday party flashmob for Marzipan once again in my driveway on her birthday, May 4.
Marzipan's 3rd Birthday Flashmob!

I had treats for the people:

… and the people had treats for Marzipan!

For those who may not have read about her before, Marzipan is the kitty I found at a geocache when she was only 4 days old! Here’s a link to the story and photos of her at that time:
Finding the Kitten, Marzipan

I got to see more of the local crowd at the next event of the week, the monthly Meet & Greet of the San Fernando Valley geocachers.

SFV Geocachers Meet & Greet #28

I took the opportunity to pass along the So Cal Geocachers Trophy travel bug that had been languishing in my kitchen for a couple of years. This was awarded semiannually at large local events, but those petered out. Now that we have the monthly gathering, though, it seemed fitting to get this award back in circulation.

SCG Trophy

The previous recipients all have a vote on who gets the trophy next, so I contacted everyone to propose my nominee: Albackore. He has been one of the newer leaders, hosting events, going on mega caching runs, and hiding lots of creative caches. I was delighted we could honor his contributions!

Albackore and a precious recipient, Shirconn:

The raffle is about to begin!




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