Scavenging for Local History

12 04 2012

Mega kudos to Albackore, Team Perks, and BWidget for putting together an outstanding all-day event involving caches, puzzles, and finding classic and historical sites around the San Fernando Valley!

Yesteryear Still Here!

All of the new caches placed were homages to all of the toys from the 50s and 60s, many of which I played with:
Easy Bake Oven
G.I. Joe

The design of the challenge was elegant, all contained in a few pieces of paper, and it was fairly easy to strategize a route and a plan.

I was on Team Marzipan with f0t0m0m and the Ventura Kids. Here are some of the photos we got at the landmarks:

We also went for the double points for the caches in the Balboa Park Wildlife Area –

It was a wonderful day to be out there, even though we did get rained on a bit.

We ended up the day at a local Chinese restaurant, The Great Wall.

I’m looking forward to more of these (hint hint).

BONUS: Here’s another great write up of the day by the CacheKidz!
Check it out!




One response

2 02 2013

Great blog about the event! Along with photos and video clips.
Oh, and thanks for the “Bonus” recommending and adding a link to my blog Elin!

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