Sand and Salt

22 03 2012

In finding the caches I needed to complete the Delorme Challenge cache, our trip through Death Valley took f0t0m0m and I to some significant and fascinating geological areas.

The Mesquite Valley Sand Dunes spread out over a large part of the valley floor. The wave shape of the dunes make it look like an ocean of sand.

No, they NOT film “Star Wars” here, as I confirmed when I got home and looked it up.
Sand Dunes of Tatooine
Mesquite Flats Dune Field

One of the requirements for one of the earthcaches was to collect some magnetite from the sand. This was surprisingly easy, as the mineral particles are very abundant.

Salt Creek is exactly that. It’s high salinity hosts plants and animals that have adapted to living in it, including the pupfish.
More on Salt Creek here

The boardwalk winds along the creek, allowing clear views of the hills, plants, and little pupfish.

More photos from below sea level next week, meanwhile here’s a bonus link! I and several other local cachers were interviewed for an article by the L.A. Times. This is a GOOD piece on our hobby – “Geocaching is Fun Hidden in Plain Sight”

Speaking of geocaching in the media, check out the new book “Maphead” by Ken Jennings, the monster Jeopardy champion. Chapter 10 is all about geocaching, and I even have a special mention at the bottom of page 197!




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