Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of…

15 03 2012

I’ve long anticipated a trip through Death Valley. It’s one of the few areas of California to which I have never been! Finally, in the quest for completing the Southern California Delorme Challenge, f0t0m0m and I did a loop up through the Antelope Valley to the western entrance of Death Valley and back down to Primm, NV.

The first part of our journey was to collect the last few caches for me on the pages that I had not gotten to yet. The first stop was in Monument, CA, a few miles west of Mojave.
Sand Canyon Cache Creek

This red farmhouse up the road made a striking contrast to the surrounding brown hills.

One of the target caches took us up a narrow canyon with unique geology.
Maintenance Desired!

The layers of rock were almost wafer thin….

… and the strata have been pushed up completely vertically.

The view on the way out was spectacular.

An earthcache brought us to a dramatic overlook of the Panamint Valley, one over from Death Valley. f0t0m0m helped out some other tourists as I answered the cache questions.
Death Valley Earthcache

Panamint Valley

Furnace Creek is in the middle of Death Valley.

It’s thata way! More next week!




3 responses

15 03 2012
Cousin Ian

You ready for my memory of Death Valley? When I was 8 or 9, we had friends (from England, maybe?) over and drove through Death Valley. We were in the ’71 AMC Hornet Sportabout station wagon with five adults in the car and me in the trunk, with the dog, surrounded by suitcases, facing backwards. How times have changed, eh? 🙂

15 03 2012
Elin Carlson

Ahh… station wagons!

16 03 2012

Congrats Elin! I did that “Maintenance Required” cache only a few slots before you, 9 months ago 😉 (for the same reason, of course!) beautiful area. I still have to do a run down to Yuma to finish off the pages.

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