Nike Hike

8 03 2012

I saw some new caches up by the old Nike base on dirt Mulholland, and headed out there to grab one.


The gate at the crossroads was locked, so I decided to just get this one, saving a few for another day and another couple miles of hiking exercise:

The weather was perfect: cloudy, breezy, cool

Since I more often drive up this section of road to the Nike base, I noticed some new things as I walked:

Here’s the entrance to the old Nike base, now adorned with signs describing its history:

I wonder where this paved path used to lead:

Some funky old posts at the side of the road:

The local flora is starting to show more color:

Down the hill and to the north is the Encino Reservoir:

This is the view from the cache looking back toward where I parked.

Looking down on the San Fernando Valley:




One response

8 03 2012
Teri Reisser

Wow…there was a Nike site in the LA area? I didn’t know that! I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and my dad worked as electrician when the Nike sites were going up around the Arctic Circle!

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