Geology and the Old 99 Highway

23 02 2012

Spoondoggie had never been to the south side of the Lake Pyramid dam, so we set aside some time to head up there and take the 5-mile roundtrip hike up the old highway 99 to check it out. Here’s bit on the history of the highway – Hwy 99

The contrails were striking in the clear blue sky. It was pretty windy, but not too chilly.

This is Piru Creek: “Here, the flow of the lower creek is augmented by water releases from Pyramid dam and reservoir. This segment offers one of the few reliable year-round cold water trout fisheries in Southern California and is managed as a catch and release Wild Trout Stream by the California Department of Fish and Game. It is also a popular spot for families to picnic, view wildlife, and catch a glimpse of old California, before it was transformed by the urban megalopolis.” – from this site

Here’s where the wild trout are:

The dam is ahead of us, and there is a lot of geology to see in the rocks cutaway by both the original road construction and river erosion.

Scott finally got to see this side of the dam, and we both analyzed the nearby rock formations to learn about Piru Gorge Sandstone Ripples and Channels. I never knew that rocks could show which direction water flows.

Be sure to check out that cache page for diagrams and information on this phenomenon, expertly described by TerryDad.

In the spirit of Los Angeles history, we had lunch at Tommy Burgers! Those are not just iconic, but super yummy!




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