16 02 2012

I got out for a hike with f0t0m0m yesterday morning hoping to beat the rain. We didn’t, and ended up hightailing back to the car for a mile and a half in the drizzle and the mud, but on the way up, I was once again delighted to see the first of the myriads of our wildflowers already starting to bloom.

I don’t know the names of them all, but I do know this one is purple lupine:

This is indian paintbrush:

This photo shows at least a dozen different types of plants:

I’d like to learn more about what plants are edible, but the only one I know for sure is this one, miner’s lettuce:

Here’s a little blue flower:

Here’s a little purple flower:

You can see bushes of purple flowers on the rocky hill across the canyon:

I saw three different types of yellow flowers!

some type of daisy:


This lonely sticky monkey flower will be one of many setting the hillside ablaze with its orange and yellow color in a couple of weeks:

The rock formations show interesting colors, too:

They also are home to moss:

… and lichen.

The clouds lifted from time to time to allow for some great vistas!

Here’s what we found today on the hike, and there are more to get on the next, hopefully dry, hike up.
I-5 Overlook
Ursula's Unhealthy Buffet
Oak Grove #1
Oak Grove #2
Oak Grove #3
The Tin Man




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