Los Angeles Pet Cemetery

9 02 2012

After well over 25,000 finds, there are still amazing and surprising things to discover while out caching!
The Pet Cemetery

The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery is one of those places, indeed. I was completely unaware that any such place existed, and it’s been here since 1928.

Follow this link -LA Pet Cemetery- to learn more about the cemetery and its history. It looks like any other cemetery at first glance.

There are new flowers everywhere, so this is a very active place.

Near the entrance is a charming garden…

…with a large stone homage to The Rainbow Bridge:

It was difficult not to get choked up as I walked around. Some headstones were quite large!

These are two from what was the first section of plots, dated 1929:

Some had photos of the pets, much like some human headstones:

I even found one in Chinese, near this tree covered in wind chimes:

The music from the chimes added to the peace and charm. At the back is a small mausoleum, also dated 1929.

It’s decorated with some really beautiful stained glass:

f0t0m0m explored a different corner of the cemetery, came across some famous horses!

We even found Rudolf Valentino’s dog.

There were a few graves for cats and horses, but most were dogs. I don’t know if I’ll put my cats here to rest, but it’s certainly something to consider. It was wonderful to come across this unusual and significant bit of Los Angeles history and culture, in any case.




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10 02 2012
Teri Reisser

I loved this post!!!!!

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