Juan Bautista de Anza Trail

2 02 2012

There is a 1.4 mile section of trail between Las Virgenes Road and the end of a frontage road in Calabasas that is quite historic. It was part of the original routes of the first Spanish explorers and part of the main thoroughfare throughout California, the El Camino Real.

I started on the west end with f0t0m0m on the section that is most familiar to me. This hill was one of the first hikes I took when I first began geocaching, but the trail did not go all the way through then.

We quickly could see a nice slice of the hills to the west….

…even more so as we crested the hill we were on.

This bench is at said crest.

There are quite a few informative signs along the trail now. This one discusses the importance to the ecosystem of the seasonal fires.

When we descended in to the next valley, we were confronted by a flooded section of trail.

We had to search upstream for a reasonable place to cross, and I still managed to get one of my feet soaked. The rest of the trail was basically flat to the east end, where I found the first cache of the day that was new to me:
De Anza trailhead

Even though it’s warm here, the trees are barren for winter.




One response

2 02 2012

That trail goes right by us here all the way in Tucson Arizona 😉

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