Two Odd Objects

26 01 2012

My caching activity has been largely pre-empted by work and meetings, but I did have time for a couple of interesting little adventures. I took a drive out to Pasadena to see a new version of an unusual work of art: a fork in the road.
Now That's A "Real" Fork In The Road Too

This appeals to me as a gastronome and as a lover of puns. As a bonus, the cache was expertly concealed as part of the installation.

The cache hide at this telephone pole near my house was standard, yet effective. I almost overlooked it. The most curious thing to me was the curve of the wood within the telephone pole.
V. J.'s Cache

The view of the adjacent alley was surprisingly beautiful. I even caught a plane in it’s approach to the Burbank airport.

Since this is a rather short blog entry, here’s a bonus photo: Marzipan, the Famous Geocaching Cat!




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26 01 2012
Elin Sundling EXIT. MODS Magazine

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