Dunsmore Canyon

29 12 2011

Winter’s wind and rain yield to warm days with sparkling clear skies, making December and January the perfect months for hiking in Southern California. I took advantage of this with f0t0m0m this week as we set out to explore a new park for both of us. We did a loop, more or less, up Dunsmore Canyon, which is part of the Deukmejian Wilderness Park, located north of Glendale in the mountains above La Crescenta. It was only a 3-mile jaunt, but turned out to be enjoyably complex with ascents, descents, a side canyon, broad vistas, and bubbling seasonal creeks.

We started with the obligatory cache at the parking lot:
Deukmejian Park Vista Cache

This mysterious building has no signage that we could find, so we thought it was part of the water management in the area. Wrong! It’s an old barn, and its history is on this website: Le Mesnager Barn
It still features a small vineyard and an outdoor amphitheater.

This starting point is already high enough to see quite a distance.

It wasn’t long before the whole LA basin was spread out before us. We headed down a lesser-used side trail for this cache:
Old horse hitching post

The deep blue sky is a dramatic backdrop for this recovering victim of the 2009 Station fire. Yes, there is a cache there.
Still Standing, By Gum!

Looking up Dunsmore Canyon: more sky and mountains

Sarah's Cooks Canyon Cache

This is the end of the trail at the top of Dunsmore Canyon, and the cache up there was placed back in 2001. Dunsmore Canyon Trail

Wishing you a happy, prosperous, cacheful 2012!




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