Impressions of Japantown

8 12 2011

I had a meeting a block away from Japantown last weekend, and afterwards had some time to walk around the area and grab a bite to eat. It was a bit busy, so the zen of the experience was somewhat diminished, but I still love every opportunity I have to be in this unique place.

There was only one cache within walking distance for me to find, but I was delighted to see that the hider is a good friend: OLdweeb. He has a series dedicated to the now rare, almost extinct pay phone:
Little Tokyo DoDo

I was surprised to see that this one still works!


Entrance mural and tower:

A wall of haiku about the plaza:

One of the haiku:

Unique rock sculpture:

Paper lanterns, always festive:

The traditional Japanese Christmas tree?

Lunch, chirsashi sushi and hot tea:

Finally, a view towards downtown from the 2nd floor balcony of this city oasis:




3 responses

9 12 2011

Nice pictures. I was there on the day you logged the dodo. A note about the name,” Japantown.” In reference to Los Angeles, you’ll find that name only in scholarly articles & publications. The area is officially and in vernacular use, “Little Tokyo.” Ironically virtually all Japanese immigrants in the early 20th century came from Japan’s version of the American deep South, rural areas far from Tokyo. As for “Japanese Village Plaza,” that’s a commercial name like “Westfield Shopping Town.” I hope to get off my butt and hide some new Little Tokyo caches.

9 12 2011
Elin Carlson

Thanks for the clarifications, Ken! I’ll look forward to finding more caches in Little Tokyo…. šŸ˜€

9 12 2011
Teri Reisser

Very cool!!

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