Sundial Bridge

1 12 2011

On the way back south from visiting my parents for our annual fabulous Thanksgiving feast, my sister and I made a stop in Redding, California, to take a walk around their new landmark, the Sundial Bridge. I’ve been here several times, finding caches, and even participating in the geocaching traveling exhibit that was here for a while.
GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit-Turtle Bay Park (now archived)

The gift shop still has a nice geocaching corner:

I found three newer caches that were in the immediate vicinity of the bridge:
Entrance to Turtle Bay
Quality Time
Lena's Flutterfly House This one features a charming hiding place!

It was a perfect day, weather-wise, warm and clear.

One unusual feature of this bridge is that there is no room for trolls.

The spire looks to me like a giant, alien musical instrument.

The shadow is cast on an oversized sundial.

It’s only really accurate at the summer soltice, though, or so it would seem. It was over an hour off today.

This is the rewarding view from the bridge, featuring snow on the mountains and a few busy fisherman:




2 responses

5 12 2011
Cesar Diaz

Great article, thanks for posting it. Beautiful pictures. I hope we can get out west someday to see it in person

5 12 2011
Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

Hi EMC – love your pictures on the Sundial, next time your up this way get in touch with us, BIG BEAR. or Tru2Cntry, we would love to say Hi and do a Geocache or two!! Merry Christmas…

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