Golden Valley

20 10 2011

This week, I found a few caches up a fire road I hadn’t explored to date out in the Placerita Canyon area. This to the north and east of where i live, and just south of Santa Clarita. I headed out first thing in the morning to get the hike in while it was still cool, and the fall angle of the sun cast dramatic shadows.

I found four of the six caches I looked for:
Highway 14 TB Hotel
GVT#1-At The Gate
GVT#2-Signs of Fire

One of them was among this classic example of how the landscape recovers from the occasional fire.

The top of the hill and the last cache was at a crossroads marked by this pole:

I saw a deer down the slope, but she disappeared too quickly. I did take a moment to enjoy the panorama.

The wildflowers are going to seed now, and their colors will soon disappear for a couple of months.

All too soon, it was time to head back down the hill and drive home.




2 responses

20 10 2011

Been on the trail once. It is boring and not much to look at except of the city below.

22 10 2011
Elin Carlson

Boring is in the eye of the beholder – lol! I enjoyed the views of the valleys….:D

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