Tapo Canyon Curiousity

13 10 2011

10/13 Tapo Canyon Curiousity

As I was scouting around for a new place to explore, I noticed that Tapo Canyon is rather sparsely populated with geocaches. I set out to find out why. The answer is the usual: it’s mostly private property in the area. Nevertheless, I did find most of the handful I’d targeted, and took in the clear air and high desert surroundings.

Simi Valley T.B. Hotel.
Hand Jive I acquired the knowledge I needed for this when I taught myself the sign alphabet as a kid.
Swinging Bridge

My first stop was near this shopping center, which features a gorgeous fountain.

It’s a fountain on both sides!

If you ignore all the electrical stuff, you can see how pretty it is out there.

I pulled up here to find the Swinging Bridge cache.

This is a mysterious looking gate.

There’s the bridge! Not many of these around:

The bridge looked a bit worse for wear, so I did not test it.

One doesn’t see signs like this every day:

Maybe these guys should talk to the miners up the road?

The lovely canyon beckons, but the signs say no…. *sigh*

…. unless I want to take up golf….




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