Scattered Adventures with Wifi and Rain

6 10 2011

I only had the opportunity for a couple of caches this week, as the day I had set aside for most of my caching ended up being rather rainy. I decided not to be deterred, and headed out anyway. I started with a list of five, but only found two before it got too wet to be fun.

Sunny Side Up
This one had an unusual feature:

Ducks, Fish, Cache
This was a standard hide, so it was quick to find. Lake Balboa looked very different today, dominated by an icy, grey. and spooky mistiness with muted colors rather than the bight blues, greens, and florals one usually sees here on a typical sunny California day.

This empty parking lot looked formidably muddy.

Earlier this week, I found this cache:
Los Angeles Wardriving – Multi
It involved using Wifi at the first waypoint to get the coordinates for the cache. I’d found its predecessor in Glendale, so I knew what to expect. It’s one of the more inventive ways to “hide” a waypoint.




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