29 09 2011

I took a stroll through movie history to pick up a couple of new caches in Corriganville, a strikingly scenic park nestled in the southeastern corner of Simi Valley, just west of the Santa Susana Pass. During the 40s and 50s, when the area was owned by the actor “Crash” Corrigan, hundreds of movies and TV westerns were filmed here. It’s easy to get a sense of deja vú while taking the 2 mile hike along the creek on what is now the Interpretive Trail. Multiple signs show how the area looked during some of the filming, as well as give information on the surrounding geology and plant life.

Cinema Valley #1 Corriganville
Not a Rolling Stone This one featured a creative use of indigenous camo.

This looks like an original gate:

A railroad track runs through it:

The track is on the mound up on the right:

This is such a classic shot:

The area was originally settled by REAL “Indians”, the Chumash:

A different example of old and new together:

The square holes are where they would put cameras to shoot underwater scenes:


Silvertown in its heyday:

… and now:

Finally, a look at a contemporary use of the area:

Corriganville (click for more information on the park)




2 responses

29 09 2011
Jim, the other half of chaosmanor

Great blog! We haven’t been out that way in years. The last time we were there, none of those signs were up; it looks like a lot of work has been done to make the place “come alive” again 🙂

30 09 2011
Teri Reisser

So cool!!!! My favorite picture is the new shoot within the tree stump!

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