Malibu Cool

15 09 2011

As I scouted around for places to cache this week, I noticed that it would be a full 20 degrees cooler in Malibu than in Northridge. This is not unusual, yet I always find it amazing, since that’s less than a half an hour away. I noticed a few new caches in the park on the bluffs just south of Pepperdine University, and these turned out to be plenty for a easy, breezy morning of a little hiking, some nicely camo’d workmanship on the caches, refreshing scenery, and even a celebrity sighting. Coogie’s Beach Cafe not only serves truly top-notch menu items, but attracts the famous locals. This time, f0t0m0m and I had lunch at there and sat a couple tables over from Dave Thomas of SCTV fame.

Malibu Bluffs Trail – Park Entrance

Malibu Bluffs Trail – PCH Entrance

Malibu Bluffs Trail – Malibu Rd. Entrance

Malibu Bluffs Lookout

Malibu Bluffs Triple X Bridge

Ahhh… the relaxing sound of the surf:




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