An Afternoon on Point Reyes

8 09 2011

This western edge of Marin county has a long history of dairy and beef ranching, which continues today in conjunction with its status as a national park.

It’s also home to one of the state’s Tule Elk Reserves.

My late afternoon sojourn out there turned out to be all about the fog as it rolled in for the evening.

I started out with a quick cache near my bed and breakfast:
What a Dump!

… then headed out to the lighthouse where I studied the exposed formations for an Earthcache:
Point Reyes Conglomerate

On the way, I drove through the historic ranches:

This one has a striking position overlooking the ocean:

Not having much moss where I live, I always love to see it in large quantities, like here:

Access to the lighthouse was closed for the day already, so I’ll need to make sure to get here during open hours next time. It’s about 600 steps down… then back up!

The light wasn’t operational, but the fog horn was!

At the north end of the point is an abandoned dairy, now populated by informational signs on its history. It looks ghostly in the fog.

The Tule elk are in season, and the bulls make this screaming noise to gather their mates. This sounds extraordinarily creepy in the fog, like banshees or something. The effect really had me spooked, especially when I was strolling around the old (haunted?) dairy.

The nearby herds of cows were comforting in contrast. They are not scary at all. Whew.




One response

12 09 2011

I just found your blog today and was reading that you had found What a Dump. I had just found that cache a couple weeks ago. I just love these cachers that have these ammo boxes close to their home.

Enjoying what I’ve read so far.

Best wishes,
Mil of Team Io-Honu

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