CA Road Trip

1 09 2011

One of my all-time favorite things is to drive up and down California. This time, I cruised up the 99 and on up I-5 to visit various friends and family members, then cut over through Oregon to the coast at Crescent City. On my way south, after some more visiting, I hugged the coastline, eschewing the 101 for Highway 1 and the Coastline Highway. Spectacular and other such adjectives don’t do this state justice.

I cherry-picked caches along the way, and my first discovery was this antique Caterpillar, displayed in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Tulare!
Thirty Something

Further up, near Red Bluff, I stopped and enjoyed this classic Golden State view.
-A Bit Snakey-

The next big leg of my journey was through the redwoods in the northwest corner of the state.

Have A Nice Day Music Cache

The highway follows the very windy (as in curvy, not gusting) Eel River.

These aren’t cows, which I also saw along the roads. Check out the rack on that elk buck!

The quintessential coast view:




One response

6 09 2011
Ron Fisk

Great photos. Almost makes me want to head up to Oregon for a spell…

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