Malibu Cruisin’

18 08 2011

It was an ideal day for cruising through Malibu. I knew it would be hot in the San Fernando Valley, and I wasn’t disappointed in the cool contrast of the coast. As a matter of fact, it was more than cool. It was foggy.

F0t0m0m and I started the day with one of my favorite views. This is overlooking the San Fernando Valley from the top of Topanga:
Topanga Overlook II

This was the view in Malibu:
Steps with a view

One of the caches was out in this remarkably large area of undeveloped land:
Jessie and Ryan's Home Cache – NEW 2/20/11

I find it magical to watch the fog rolling in:

… and watching and listening to the waves is marvelously relaxing:




One response

22 08 2011
Ron Fisk

Looks cool. And I mean REALLY cool. A nice break from the inland heat wave…

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