Geocaching on Mars?

7 07 2011

A bunch of us geocachers got a good look at the next Mars Rover up at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena last week.

2011 – NASA Jet Propulsion Labs Tour
Be sure to check out the cache page for this, as it has lots of details about JPL and about the tour, which was meticulously organized.

Here are models of the first rovers, the first being rather tiny:

The first two worked out so well, that expectations are pretty high for the next one. It’s more the size of an SUV. This one is a working copy of the one that’s being shot into space.

They have a big sandbox for test drives:

Here’s Mission Control:

I don’t know if they’ll let the rover go geocaching on Mars, but Google has is all mapped out:
Google Mars

They have a nice museum set up with displays of older projects, like Voyager 1:

… which is heading out of our solar system with an LP of various sounds of Earth, and the instructions on how to play it:

… an infrared camera:

and a real moon rock!

This was geek heaven.




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14 07 2012
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