Nothingness No More

16 06 2011

Since my “Nothingness” cache had not been found for over a year and a half, I decided to give it a look. It was also a great excuse to hike out Towsley Canyon and through The Narrows again. The bad news was that this cache is either washed away or inaccessible without some serious equipment:
NOTHINGNESS (part of GCX8QP dgreno 10K challenge)

Here’s one of the spoiler photos I took when I hid it, and it’s barely discernable as the same hillside.

The good news is that the canyon is consistently scenic and interesting, and there were a couple of new caches to find on the way back.
GeoWillie's Cache
GeoWillie's Ranger Station Cache

There are old oil seeps along the trail:

… and a new one down below.

There will be hundreds of new frogs soon:

The wildflowers come in all shades of purple:

… and the sounds in the canyon are nature’s best music!




One response

21 06 2011

I searched for the cache a couple of times and came up with nothingness. When me and Favrefan searched they were doing maintenance on the trail.

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