A Flash Mob, Cache of the Week, and a Very Nifty Video!

9 06 2011

Once again, geocachers from around the world gathered in their respective towns simultaneously on June 4th for a World Wide Flash Mob!

The gang in Orange County did a Mentos/Diet Coke fountain:

(video by Pacholik)

The greater San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley cachers all went Hawaiian and I even won the FTF prize drawing, a bison tube that I now get to hide somewhere.
WWFMVIII-Get Lei'd in Calabasas

There was a nice $5 bill in there, too, and I think I’ll leave it for the FTF of my new cache, whatever/whereever that happens to be. Come to think of it, I have two cats that don’t have caches yet, Biff and Frederick!

My favorite cache this week was a bison tube, too, an evil hide placed in a pullout in a manner reminiscent of my Nothingness cache. I was proud of myself for not DNFing this one!
Washer or Dryer?

The piéce de resistance, though, is this fabulous video. It’s the best geocaching video I’ve seen to date, and I look forward to more creative work by The Travel Bugs!




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9 06 2011

Hi, wow, your voice is amazing. I enjoy geocaching and I just started and I really like it. I’ve found 13. Did anyone take any pictures of the Flash Mob weekend? I love your cats by the way. I have one, she is a blue pt. mix, so sweet. I love her to death.

9 06 2011

What a great song!

9 06 2011
Shirley O'Connell

You asked if anyone took any pictures, Yes there are pictures on the Gallery of the event
as well as a Photo Show I made of the pictures I took. Pictures can be viewed full screen to see video,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4tu5IwACoI or go to the event site and click on view link on my note on GC2W63W show by Shirconn

10 06 2011

Love the fountain! 🙂

10 06 2011

Great post, Elin!

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