Beyond Frazier Park

19 05 2011

Every time I drive along I-5 through the Grapevine and pass by or stop in Lebec, I wonder about the road that heads out west from there. A few miles out is Frazier Park and Mt. Pinos, and I’ve gone that far, but this week, I headed up and out further. There’s a new cache run on the road that connects Frazier Park to Ojai, and I decided to check out the last dozen and generally spend the morning enjoying a part of California I hadn’t seen yet.

There’s not much out there other than pretty scenery, but I’ll be back for more of that both in my car and on the hiking trails yet for me to discover.
Express Cache – the cache at the freeway exit
Thelma & Louise's Quick Stop – on of several in a fun series in the area
The road to the right – This road heads north in to the San Joaquin Valley, but I took the other road this time.

Gate to ?


This dry creek bed leads to a cache:

Creek vs. Prius, one of several watery spots in the roads up here:

Some trails to explore in subsequent visits:




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