A Quick Look Around

29 04 2011

A cool spring fog lingered this week, keeping the temperatures perfect for hiking, so I headed out to the Tujunga/La Crescenta area with f0t0m0m.

He finally got to pick this one up:
Owed to f0t0m0m

It’s on this trail:

I’m not sure what that high-falutin’ name really means, and I’m also not sure what these initials stand for here, either:

This week, I looked up:

I looked down:

I discovered that I was actually on the Balcony of Southern California. I guess it’s a good place to look around.




2 responses

29 04 2011

I believe that the “EMC” on the cargo container stands for Ectoplasmic Mucousial Coagulate.

30 04 2011

Better than the the last EMC in the news stand. I guess even if you have visited over 25 thousand and a half unique places on our globe, you can still be surprised.

Also, “Owed to f0t0m0m”. I remember finding it six years ago. The next one, “Listen to the Band was almost straight up. I got it. Not sure I could do it now.

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