Where’s EMC?

14 04 2011

What a spectacular view! Was I there to see it?

Uh oh… is that what’s left of my mighty Prius?

There seems to be some confusion:

Was I out in the Landers desert? Or was I in Fontana with a different group of rabble rousers?

California Wildlife: Mountain Lion

Am I invisible in this T-shirt after all?

Like Harvey, do I really exist?

(p.s. it’s nice to be missed!)

two top photos are by Max Power
video by the VKs




2 responses

14 04 2011

I don’t see you in any of the pictures. I doubt you were with either group. 😉

15 04 2011

Although I took the video….now that you mention it….I don’t remember seeing you at all that whole day lol

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