Diary of a Mad Power Cacher

17 02 2011

The Route 66 Cache Run Reportage

825 caches in 13 hours
along the historic and largely abandoned Route 66
between Barstow and Needles

Feb. 13. 2011

5:15 My iPhone alarm wakes me, and I blearily get dressed and head to the hotel lobby.

5:30 The rest of the gang arrives: f0t0m0m, Foomanjoo, & 1/2 of the VKs. I grab a cheese omelet & some sausage, fill my coffee mug, and load my day’s supplies in to the Xterra, and we’re off to the first cache.

6:15 We find the first cache – 001-Route 66

7:15 @ 080-Route 66 = 81 finds for the hour since we interpolated this extra cache: Excuse

7:29 We have found 100 caches.

8:04 @ 153-Route 66, Steve of the Ventura Kids celebrates his 26,000th find

8:15 Our find count for hour 2 is 83.

8:58 We have found 200 caches for the day so far.

9:00 We encounter a… well… curious individual walking a decorated and heavily-laden bicycle and 5 very active dogs. It was a challenge to avoid the dogs with the car, but Steve managed. He’s the only other person we encounter, other than maybe a dozen cars and trucks passing us until we get past Amboy.

9:15 Our find count for hour 3 is 69.

10:15 Our find count for hour 4 is 71.

10:26 At 316-Route 66 we celebrate another milestone as f0t0m0m bags his 28,000th find.

11:15 We only nabbed 67 caches in hour 5.

11:39 @ 400-Route 66, we are halfway through the series, and pretty much on track for finishing just after dark

12:15 Our system is now streamlined, and we maintain the same positions for the entire run: Steve drives, I’m in charge of stickering logs, Jim and Josh jump in and out to grab the caches. Our find count for hour 6 is 70.

12:30 we break for lunch and photos and gas in Amboy

1:15 Our find count for hour 7 is 45.

2:15 Back in full swing for hour 8, we find 67.

2:30 We find a very old cache up a hill near the road: lRoute 66 Pit Stop #1 It was placed in June of 2002, a year before I started caching!

3:00 Time for another celebration for yet another milestone, as I find my 25,000th cache!
Where is it?

Here it is!

587-Route 66

3:15 hour 9 = 65 finds
4:15 hour 10 = 54 finds, and yes, we are all pretty weary, but in a great rhythm. The scenery keeps us inspired:

5:15 hour 11 = 71 finds, and this is when we start losing our daylight
6:15 hour 12 = 63 finds, and Steve actually seems to have run out of specious and silly stories to ramble on about. You know it’s a long day when that happens.

6:22 Success! We find the 800th cache in the series!! The next hour and a half are spent on the way to the freeway and back to Barstow picking up another 9 caches to get a FOURTH milestone in, this one for Josh – #10,000!

This type of adventure is exhausting and crazy and silly and exciting and boring and inspiring and relaxing… and most of all… a ton of fun! What a team and what a day!




2 responses

17 02 2011
Scott Thompson

Well done Elin, looks like a fun day. I will be heading to the US in April and hope to spend a day on Route 66 grabbing as many caches as I can on the day.

5 03 2011

Wow! Looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for sharing

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