An Old-Fashioned Pug Hunt

5 02 2011


Otis Pug!

He was the original Southern California geocaching legend, both for his mysteriousness (to this day, no one really know who he is), and for his innovative cache hides. He was the first to hang a bird house, create a fake electrical outlet box, and even construct a bogus water fountain in a park! His creativity raised the bar for all of us, and a “tool of the trade” is still referred to as an OPET: Otis Pug Extraction Tool.

He disappeared mysteriously, too, leaving all of his caches still in place after they were archived. It’s been a local underground activity to hunt down and log these, even as they’ve gradually gotten muggled, so it was with requisite glee that I joined a band of Pug Hunters to track down one this week.

It had not been found in five years, so odds were good that it might not be there. Not Tom had found it before, and verified that it was not where he thought it should be, but with 20-30 minutes of scattering and digging through the brushy hillside, he came up with the empty container, and then the lid! This was adquedate to reconstruct the “historic” cache, and we all crossed another Pug off our lists!

Walnut Creek Cache

Also nearby:
In Search of a Pug
Sign of the Pug

Snow in the distance:

Valley of Walnut Creek:

f0t0m0m and not tom ready to go:

Unusual signage near the trail head:

Walnut Creek Trail:

Further down the trail:

Sign of the Pug – closing in on our goal!

AWEMM, not tom, f0t0m0m and I hunted in the brush, fallen trees, and leaves for our Pug!

Kudos to not tom for finding the container, then the lid – both in fine condition! Mission accomplished:




2 responses

5 02 2011

I remember otis pug and still have a watch on a few of his!! Back in the day Mr SH and myself used to come all the way up from San Diego to find one of his caches!

5 02 2011

Looking back I see I never did find any of his unless it had been deleted, as two of my early cache finds were (back in the day a CO could totally obliterate a cache page) maybe they were to well hidden for me. He was a legend in his own mind…err time!!

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