Real Gourmet Caching

28 01 2011

Since two of my favorite things are caching and culinary delights, days that combine those are ideal. Such was my adventure this week with Spoondoggie and BWidget.

Our goal was to get to Lake Casitas, a reservoir just west of Ojai, for a morning hike followed by scattered caching on the way back, but we ended up reversing the day’s plans when the opportunity for a few FTFs arose. We stopped at several new caches in the Calabasas area, and three had blank log books:

Hill side cache over Malibu Canyon
Pole Position

The last caches we did were along the Phantom trail:

By the time we got to Ojai, it was lunch time, so we found a local bistro that featured some very tasty treats:

There just happened to be a winery just across the street. We could not resist making a detour after finding the cache around the corner:
Libbey Park Walkway

After tasting their flight of 6 wines, I took home a bottle each of two of the local wines, a chardonnay and a syrah.

The hike around the lake after that was truly lovely.
Shoreline Lake Trail #1

Shoreline Lake Trail #2 Rock Slide

Shoreline Lake Trail #3 Fowl View

Holding up a tree.
Shoreline Lake Trail #4 Family Roots

Shoreline Lake Trail #5 "Wonder" if this is it?

Chickens in the neighboring vineyard, for some reason:

There were rumors of a dead pig near one of the caches. I don’t think it was this one:

The day was capped off with a spectacular (gourmet?) sunset:




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