A Pair of Panoramas

15 01 2011

The clear breezy days of winter here yield the best views of the year, and it doesn’t take much effort or elevation to enjoy them. I drove up to the Nike base for a hike on a cloudier day:

The Frog Prince
Billy Bob Yorick

and later in the week, found a cache on the top of a parking garage, which afforded a great view of the mountains to the north:

Don's 1/2 Century
Vincennes, Indiana

One of my favorite aspects of geocaching is that it creates little mini-vacations. Both of these excursions were oases in a busy week.




2 responses

16 01 2011

The CSUN parking structure cache illustrates why you consistently find 3x more caches/hour than me. You drove right up to it. I drove around the block 2x, parked 3 blocks away, walked back & forth in front of the structure and then found a stairwell to the top. And I didn’t get congratulatory church bells for the find either.

20 01 2011

That is one happy looking elephant seal in the waves.

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