Walking in a Winter Wonderland

30 12 2010

It doesn’t take snow for one to take a walk with a sense of wonder. Winter in Los Angeles is brief, but still significant in the sense of renewal it brings. On Christmas Day, I took a hike along a ridge bridging the southwestern San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Palisades.

It was overcast and slightly foggy, which kept the temperature nice and brisk – perfect for hiking.

It was too foggy to get much of the view, however:

In winter, the hills get green from the rain:

The trees do go dormant, this one losing all its foliage other than the mistletoe:

… yet the buds of the new leaves are already beginning to form:

The lemonberry bushes are budding, too:

These flowers aren’t sure if it’s spring or fall:

The trail is mostly easy to follow:

… even though at times a web of side trails make a maze along the ridge:

The caches I found were hidden off the trail like Easter eggs:

Canyonback #3
Canyonback #2
Canyonback #1
Canyonback #0

It was a most satisfying way to spend my afternoon. Next: on to 2011, which is really a futuristic number, isn’t it?




2 responses

30 12 2010
David Shadovitz (dshadovi)

The side trails are single-tracks that roughly parallel the main trail.

24 01 2011

We did this hike a year or so ago and greatly enjoyed it, and the caches thereon. dshadovi did a very nice job πŸ™‚ The only disagreeable thing was a woman who had no control over her dog and who refused to put it on leash when it would not respond to her voice. And then she got mad at me when I remonstrated with her. The signage is very clear that dogs are allowed but *must* be under control at all times. It continues to amaze me how many people think that the rules are for every one else but them 😦

In any event, if one continues south on the paved piece of Canyonback Road, there is another nice string of dshadovi caches called the Canyonback-Tigertail Series. We’ve done one of them, and intend to get the rest, eventually. This trail is steeper than the upper one; a shuttle with end-points on “dirt Mulholland” and Tigertail Road would be a nice half-day hike, with nearly a dozen caches.

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