A Hike to the Hollywood Sign

10 12 2010

It’s one of the most distinctive landmarks in the world and it’s right in my back yard:
The Hollywood Sign

The easiest way to get there, and the one we took, is up the fire road at the north end of Beechwood Canyon Road, right near an equestrian center. I’d been up there a few years ago, so it was nice to get back and find the new caches along the way.

Follow me to Hollywood: Stage 1 – Not Too Hard
Follow me to Hollywood: Stage 2 – Harder
Another Hollywood Cache
Another Hollywood Cache 2

Here we are all set to go:

Albackore, Walrus310, deeznuts, OLdweeb, BWidget, Spoondoggie, Yours Truly
photo by Sissopolis

The sign is very prominent the whole way up to the top of Mt. Lee:

The Road to Hollywood

Spoondoggie showed us how to support the entertainment industry:

The fire road winds around the hill, affording panoramic vistas of the entire Los Angeles basin, Griffith Park, and the San Fernando Valley:

At the top, you’re above and behind the sign – a whole new perspective. To the right, the dominant feature is the Hollywood Reservoir, surrounding by hillsides nestled with luxury homes.

To the left, the Griffith Park Observatory sticks out of the neighboring hill like the proverbial sore thumb.

The antenna display at the summit is massively impressive.

On the way down from Mt. Lee, we took a detour to the neighboring Mt. Chapel for an older cache that’s been taunting me for years.
Return to Mt. Chapel

Albackore and deeznuts

In the spirit of gourmet caching, we enjoyed a great hike and great fellowship, then topped that off with great food at Chili John’s in Burbank. Albackore and Spoondoggie made studied decisions on what to eat.

It’s ALL very tasty.




2 responses

10 12 2010

Good times and good friends. Thanks for posting these pics. I think I’ll “share”
one or two up on Facebook… 🙂


11 12 2010

Nice post and timely as I will be taking some Webelos scouts on that hike and to the observatory next Sunday. I cant wait to get the caches along the road.

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