A Bit of Variety

3 12 2010

I didn’t get much caching in this week, but I did enjoy a pretty good variety of caching activity. The different types of caches and places to cache are one of the best things about it!

I solved some new puzzles that had popped up near my house, and all three were unique. One even featured an aspect of the piano keyboard that was new to me!

Zebra Keys

I also managed to snag an FTF, which is something I haven’t done in a long time.

Plasma Reflections

I got to O’Melveny Park for a short hike long on views. It’s one of several places I know of near my house where I can drive for 20 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, and feel completely away from the city and people (even though it and they are still all around).

Edge of O'Melveny

Up Bee Canyon were some of the first caches I found when I started. It’s a nice creek hike.

This old remnant of paved road now exhibits old traces of a previous wildfire.

I got to stretch my mind and my body this week.




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