More Big Numbers

11 11 2010

This is the month for giving thanks, today for those who have given their all for my freedom. Every time I go geocaching, I am grateful that I have the freedom to go out and play. What a blessing it is to be alive now, at this point in history! There’s so much to look back on and look forward to.

I chose to take a solo hike for my 24,000th find, so I could get out in the scenery and commune with nature, with God, and with my lazy bones. It was a glorious, cool, and breezy day, affording big vistas and striking colors.

I did the first 15 in this series, with quite a few left over for another day:
Just Around the Bend #1

East: abandoned golf course

South: civilization and its water supply

West: the cascades angle down next to the freeway

Brilliant Color

Fun with Mirrors

Cart Path

Driven ’Round the Bend #1

Creepy Wind Whistle

Electric View

Power Trail

Towering Towers

The foliage demonstrates the circle of life, looking down on the fire road I just hiked up:

North: overlooking the next valley of Santa Clarita


Not to be outdone, the next day I celebrated with the VKs as they found cache #25,000! They are certainly legends in their own minds, but can they walk on water?

Fountains are cool LA




One response

18 11 2010

A few days ago, you emailed us about our Marmalade Travel Bug (the one dedicated to the cat found whilst caching). My 5 year old had a look at your profile and was most impressed with your pet cat photo and the fact you’d found a kitten near a cache!
Congratulations on all your milestones and records, truly amazing. We thought we were doing well with 1000 caches in 8 months!
All the very best with any further record attempts,
Hannah (The QCs)

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