Conquering the Aliens!

5 11 2010

Our original team +2 returned to The Alien Highway to finish the run, and a van with 6 people turned out to be the ideal setup. We left the side door open for easy jumping in and out, and took turns at all of the positions. Our technique of switching caches and stickering while in between was suggested by the cache owner, and many teams have chosen that method here. About 1/3 were placed at the 1/10th of a mile markers, as in the video, but the rest were 10-70′ from the road in rock piles that did require a bit of searching. Our best hour was 105!
E.T. 1021

Here’s some of the video I shot, condensing 8 hours and over 660 caches into THREE minutes. Enjoy!

music: “Journey in Time” composed by Dean Barrett & Judy Whittaker,
a couple of the photos were taken by deeznutz®
this is the first movie I’ve created on my Mac laptop with iMovie

For more stories on this run: E.T. 001




6 responses

7 11 2010

Congrats on finishing it up! When we met you going the other way at 2 AM that night in September, I knew that it was just a matter of time… 🙂

13 11 2010

Fun video.
Carpooling to the max!
What is the cache swapping about? How does that work?

14 11 2010
EMC of Northridge, CA

The cache owner’s suggestion and what a vast majority of teams have found to be the most logical and effective technique for this craziness is to bring a film can with a log presigned, replace the first cache with that, and sign the cache you pick up while driving to the next cache, then swap. It’s been essential for cachers to bring lots of extra film cans to replace missing ones (apparently the cows move them – or maybe it’s the aliens).

14 11 2010

Interesting, a kind of rotating cache. Eventually the first cache would reach the end, but because this is linear wouldn’t there be a pile of caches at the last stop? 🙂

14 11 2010
EMC of Northridge, CA

…or more caches hidden elsewhere! 😀

25 11 2010

We found one of the Alien geocaches far away from here. I believe it was one of the travelling left-overs. It had all the Alien highway names logged in it. The name of the cache is S21S22T4NR2L . If you ever get out there, you will recognize the familiar film container.

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