28 10 2010

Geocaching to me is recess, and I got to go outside and play a couple of times this week.

I headed for Simi Valley with the Ventura Kids for almost 40 caches in four hours. The weather was ideal.

Here are the caching pros discovering what “Clow” means:


There are no less than three caches VISIBLE in this photo. See if you can tell where they are:

Not hot and no juice

The next day I spent a few hours in Burbank with Bwidger, Spoondoggie, and OLdweeb. We cleaned up a couple dozen newer ones, most of which were stashed in an alleyway that was quiet and muggle free:
Guarding the Alley

We did see some unusual vehicles, like this taxi:

and this “cool” camper:

Scott showed us how to really have play time!

…. and we had lunch at Shakey’s, where we had smores pizza.

Yes, that’s marshmallows. chocolate and graham cracker crumbs on pizza crust. It’s actually pretty tasty! Evil, but tasty….

(NO, I did not use the hot sauce!)




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