An Eventful Week

15 10 2010

As I like to say, the best things I’ve found in caches are new friends, and the best places to find them are at events. Like most things in life, events come in clumps, and this week was full of them!

I attended five this week. Two were more or less standard events in the Redlands area, and are repeating. The cachers out there meet every other week for breakfast and every month for dinner. This makes for nice, consistent fellowship and continuing inspiration to go caching and hiking out in that area.

Breakfast Club #9, Mamaloo’s event

After Work/End of Day #10, Biatchn’s event

There were a large number of events all over the world on October 10th, all about the 10s. I atTENded the closest one to me on 10/10/10 at 10:10:10am out in a park in Chatsworth. Most of the locals showed up, including some I hadn’t seen in a while.

(sorry about the shaky videography with the iPhone…. I’ll get better at it!)
10.10.10 at 10:10:10 for 10 in10, hosted by Gummyfrog

The piéce de resistance was a rally event the day before that had about 20 teams of cachers scattered all over Hollywood solving puzzles to find caches that had clues to solving a murder mystery.
Trouble in Tinseltown – A Puzzle Rally Event
Trouble in Tinseltown – Epilogue

The mastermind, Molly Shock, out did herself with the planning. Every aspect, from the settings to the materials to the prizes was crafted with the theme and story in mind. We started at ended at Hollywood and Vine, and the first three puzzles involved the architecture of the mall, Kodak Theatre, and Grauman’s Chinese. The route took us to over a dozen significant Hollywood landmarks, and each stop included a brief history with photos of how it looked there in yesteryear.

Kudos and thanks to all of the organizers for getting us all together!




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