Spinal Tap

7 10 2010

I joined a horde of hardcore hikers this week as they wrapped up an epic challenge cache to find all of the caches along the Backbone Trail. Over 60 miles of trail and 135 caches along it make this a long-term project. I’ve found less than half of them, but I’m tempted to see if I can accomplish it. The hardest sections are to the west, where it is difficult to segment the hike into less than 13 mile treks.

Spinal Tap by The Lazy Loppers (GC1C4Y4)

Pianofab took several lovely photos of the day:
See them here!

I’ve got another iMovie for you with some shots of the scenery and views.

DO look back!
Dante’s Inferno: Level 2
Dirty Harry’s Manzanita
Backbone Lunch Rock – East




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