Ojai Road

2 09 2010

Heading north from Ventura, you go through the quaint town of Ojai, then on to a lovely curving highway that winds gently up and over the mountains and eventually into the western San Joaquin Valley. As it heads on through the valley, this highway, 33, is a secluded alternative to I-5, and I like to take it when I can to avoid truck traffic. The section just north of Ojai was somewhat recently caked with caches, and I finally took the opportunity to go get ’em on two separate days over the last couple of weeks. The finds were mostly easy and quick, yielding over 50 finds one day and 30 the next, both days with late starts and home for dinner.

Some of the caches were part of a series:
33 on 33 # 33 Area Closed
and some were memorials:
Dr. Jack Dunn – Roadside Memorial
One was an earthcache:
Mass Wasting on Highway 33
Some had creative camo:
Another Stinky Badfeet Sneaker
Pick It Up,,No You Pick It Up!!

The road ahead:

The road through:

The road around:

The view from about as far north as I got:

Dramatic rock scenery:

I got a note from my uncie (the one who got me started doing this!) with a copy of this blurb from the AAA magazine published in his area. I did the interview a while ago, and it’s mostly accurate:

It’s always nice to get good publicity!




One response

3 09 2010

Shoot, Where’s that cache?! There is a diamond in it ;-D

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