Revisiting a Favorite: Towsley Canyon

19 08 2010

This park is about 10 miles north of where I live and lies between the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. The air is always crystal clear, as the coastal fog and inland inversion layer never get to this particular canyon. There are a variety of trails to follow, some strenuous, some not so hard, so I can easily design my workout for each excursion. Last week, I took a shorter, mostly flat hike along the path that heads south from the parking lot and went about a half mile to one of my favorite spots. Some folks like going to the beach and watching the waves; I like watching the oil seep bubble and ooze.

Although this canyon boasts one of the richest crops of wildflowers every year, by this time in late summer the colors have all faded into browns, grays, and rusts.

The creek is completely dry:

There has been a lot of water through this canyon over the course of history, though:

I did find some pretty color. Too bad it’s a giant hedge of poison oak .

Most of the trail is in and out of oak trees, and the shadows enhance the scenery.

A local resident struck a pose:

This mess of water and oil does drain across the trail and into the stream.

Further down the trail was where the first oil drills in California were placed. There’s more about that in this online history article.

Since I’ve visited here several times, there was only one cache on the trail for me to get: Please Pass The Fork. . .

The piéce de resistance: the oil seep!




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24 08 2010

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