Big Number, Big Birds

5 08 2010

The Ventura Kids found their 23,000th cache last weekend at this cache – 126 on 126:#111: View of the highway, and I was there to document the momentous occasion:

15 seconds later:

There’s never a dull moment when caching with these guys. Why is f0t0m0m laughing? Did Sandy just drop the cache down the pole? OOOPSie….

Yes, we replaced it, of course! As a fellow klutz, I like the design of this cache, as it can’t fall down in a pole:

Just today, I had a great time driving around the area surrounding the scenic highway 126. f0t0m0m and I got all the way to the Sespe Condor Sanctuary.
Dough Flat Redux

These birds are BIG:

I was hoping to show you a real one, but all we saw was scenery. Oh, darn. Enjoy!

Lake Piru




2 responses

6 08 2010

I see f0t0m0m had to find #23,000 for the VK’s. 😉

6 08 2010

I think it took longer than 7 minutes to find the cache. What is the number 1 VK rule on caching?

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