Vegas, Baby!

29 07 2010

I spent 9 days in Vegas learning about real estate investing and how to be a successful enterpreneur. In between the smorgasbord of information and networking, I grabbed a few caches near the hotel. All of them were nicely hidden:

It’s not easy being Green in Vegas

"Say Goodnight, Gracie…"

The Gates that won’t close

One Tree on The Planet

Vegas is fun at night:

… but it’s also quite striking on a quiet Monday morning:

I capped off my geocaching week with a straggler close to my house!

p.s. I notice that no one has rushed over to CafePress. (ha!) Here’s my offer for my birthday month of August: anyone who sends me a photo of them with any of my EMC of Northridge products from CafePress will get a free bronze EMC geocoin! Yes? Yes!




2 responses

2 08 2010

August is a great month for a birthday!!!!

12 08 2010

Haha no way, I was there that same week on vacay. Out of your 4, I was only able to get Gracie and One Tree. Small world ^_^

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