Can I Break the Habit? … er, Streak?

15 07 2010

Today would be Day 115, and I still have not broken the cache-a-day streak! I do expect that eventually the streak would be broken by life’s scheduling and circumstances, so I’m thinking that I should break it deliberately and with a bit of a flourish instead.

Last night I attended our monthly event in Woodland Hills after finding 40 of the closest caches to my house. This effectively clears out the easy ones that I’ve been relying on to maintain my streak. If I can resist the temptation today to grab one of the very few leftovers nearby, then I can look to getting back to caching fewer days and higher numbers.

This is the theory.

It’s also a really BIG if.

Even if I manage to break the streak, I’ve really come to enjoy the habit.

Will I break the streak today and NOT find a cache?

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my final (?) streak day:





Last cache of the streak?
SFV Meet & Greet #6




One response

28 07 2010

A cache-a-day is a phenomenal accomplishment. Congratulations!

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