Sequoia Park Sojourn

24 06 2010

I took a day last week to head for the hills with f0t0m0m and my sister. The goal was two more pages for the Delorme challenge, and the bonus was the spectacular scenery and local history.

The best example I have of the latter is this “Car B Q”

… which is sitting right next to this giant “Bull B Q”

Further back in history is where we found the significance of Hospital Rock, which is a group of large boulders where the natives would grind various grains and acorns for food and medicine.

We visited the world’s largest tree, named for General Sherman:

I even got to play in the snow!

The adjacent Lake Kaweah is full this year and a brilliant color of blue:

Here’s my one-a-day list for this week:
6/18 – Reimers Cache – cache at a local fresh-made candy store!
6/19 – Jackfruit
6/20 – Chapped
6/21 – Westwood Skyline
6/22 – Zulu Nut
6/23 – Stretched Before Tennis
6/24 – The Chimney II This one required a long tool and some dexterity to get it and put it back. I like these little challenges.

Next week, I take off on a road trip to Geowoodstock 8 up near Seattle. I’m thinking that instead of one big long report, I’ll pick a photo or two and a story each day to post in the evening as I journey up and back. I’ll be finishing up my 100 day cache streak on Wednesday, and I have a special cache picked out for that occasion!




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