Moorpark, Muggles, and Mixed Fruit

17 06 2010

I finally had a day to get out and do more than one cache, so f0t0m0m and I headed for the Moorpark area to pick up a couple dozen newer ones. Most of the time we were out on country roads like this:

Quiet scenic areas like this are ideal for geocaching, even if the scenery isn’t… er… spectacular:

They grow lots of stuff out there, like avocados:

….and the flowers are now in the height of spring colors, just like the playground equipment:

Someone is building a spacious (to say the least) house:

… and they will really get to enjoy this view:

f0t0m0m got to do the honors for this bit of a challenge in retrieval (I’d done it before already – ha!):

… and we found a new cache at one of my favorite odd street designs:

I got a special treat two days later as I was searching for a cache in Santa Monica. As I was struggling to interpret the cache page, three cars zoomed up and out piled a dozen people, mostly kids. I thought they were muggles, but it turns out that they thought I was the muggle, and one of the boys was celebrating his birthday by geocaching! They spread out and had the cache in hand in short order:

Here’s the happy birthday boy:

My tally for the week also included a short trek to a challenge cache called One Busy Day. To qualify to find this one, you must have found 6 different caches types in one day. I had managed to do that recently and finally had a chance to get to the Arroyo in Pasadena to get the final cache.
Here are my qualifying caches for that:
the Homemade Geocoin Museum
Park it in Guadalupe
Paso Robles Sulfur Hot Springs at City Hall
Old Bridge New Bridge
Historic Homes II
Summer Beach Stamp

and here’s my tally of daily caches for the week!

6/11 – Vee Grimey
6/12 – One Busy Day Icon Challenge
6/13 – "So I Married A Muggle"
6/14 – Lychee
6/15 – Star Fruit
6/16 – Chayote
6/17 – Grey Alert #2




2 responses

19 06 2010

I’ve had a similar experience with “muggles”. I was heading up a trail to post my first cache with another cacher coming DOWN. He saw my camo-taped box in my arms and stopped to chat.

So, is that a culvert that f0t0m0m is reaching into? How does THAT cache work?!

19 06 2010
Elin Carlson

It’s a giant drainage pipe that runs under the street on which I’m standing, and the cache is on the roof of the pipe. He’s demonstrating how to access it!

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