Geocaching Minimalism

10 06 2010

In my quest for finding at least one a day for 100 days, I’m now finding myself just doing the minimum of one a day! While I’m enjoying the break from mega caching to a certain degree, I do also find myself hankering for a good day of finding bunches of them. I’m set to do that tomorrow, then it’s back to grabbing one, one, one, one for the rest of the week in between appointments. It’s nice to be that busy with the various other things in my life, but the lure of the hunt lingers.

I’m planning a road trip up to Geowoodstock 8 in Seattle over the July 4 holiday, and that should feed the caching beast for a while. My 100-day streak will be done, so i wonder what pace I should choose after that? Continue the streak for 6 months or a year? Go back to random caching blasts? Could I step it up to include both?

I’m always thinking that my life will settle down a bit and I’ll get more writing done or more gardening or more reading or more… caching… but I’m not so sure that will ever happen. I continue to seek that balance between busy and quiet, between all of the things I want to accomplish and all of the things I must do just to maintain my health and household.

Meanwhile, my to do lists haunt me.

My camera collected dust this week as far as caching goes, but here’s my real list of accomplishments for the week!

6/3 – Doc
6/4 – Rhubarb
6/5 – Velvet Apple
6/6 – Durian Fruit
6/7- Random SFV Cache 03</a

6/8 – Boogie Nights – Dollars and Donuts – while the above five were easy urbans, this was not, and I didn’t find it. It might be in there in that spidery icky news stand, but I didn’t see it. Perhaps I’ll return another day to see if I can spot this one.

6/8 – Boogie Nights – Hot Traxx – I didn’t see this movie, and doubt I ever will, but it’s fun to know that so much of it was shot locally.

6/9 – SFV Meet & Greet #5– I’d only missed one of these, but it seemed like a lot longer since I’d seen the local caching gang.

6/10 – Rodenberry – my quick, fruity finish




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