Joys of Geocaching

27 05 2010

A new book by business author Paul Gillin and his wife, Dana is out and it’s all about us! Here’s a great review and an excerpt:

The Joy of Geocaching

This is great how-to book that includes lots of anecdotes about caches and cachers! You can get it through my Stuff link above. Check it out!

I have many joys in geocaching, obviously, and one big one is sharing it with others. Not too many of my friends have joined in the obsession, but a few have, and one recently gained the coveted status of Kilo Klub! Congrats to Spoondoggie, one of my best buddies and business partners. He and his dad went on a beautiful hike along the Back Bone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, and celebrated the milestone along the way.

I spent the week picking up quick caches to keep up my streak:
5/20 Silver Crane
5/21 Eco-cache
5/22 Play Ball!!
5/23 Laugh & Cry
5/24 Tower of Power
5/25 Leave A Trail
5/26 Welcome to Wilacre Park

Most were in the urban areas, but one was out on a short hike along dirt Mulholland, and it was my mini-vacation for the week. Enjoy!




2 responses

27 05 2010

That photo of Spoondoggie and his dad sure looks familiar! 🙂

27 05 2010
Elin Carlson

Why, yes, it does, Craig! So sorry I spaced out – I meant to give you credit! Your blog always has excellent photos!

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