Tujunga Wash Adventure

14 05 2010

Among the daily cache-a-day caching this week, I went on an extended hike through the Tujunga Wash. I’d found all but one of them on our list, so that was the target cache. It was, of course, the furthest one out from the parking lot, so I packed the snacks and water bottle. The weather was ideal: warm, but with an occasional cool breeze. Everything is in bloom now, from the cactus:

to the yuccas, which are gargantuan this year, probably because of the wet winter:

Here is the posse du jour, individually known as OLdweeb, tozainamboku, RCKen, Pianofab, reinshadow, and Albackore, collectively known for this hike as The Sabato Cachistas!

After finding a few caches and hiding one, we were faced with crossing the big creek that currently runs through the wash:

I just gave up and waded through, but Pianofab found a more creative way:

We finally got to my target cache and spent several minutes searching. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. It was nowhere to be found! I ended up finding another cache just off the road on the way back after the hike. Sometimes the caching IS all about the adventure! Ha!

There are more great photos and angles on the day’s story on Pianofab’s blog AND on OLdweeb’s blog (Dweeb’s Diatribe), including a shot of me in the water. Oooo clicky clicky over and check ’em out…..

Meanwhile, here’s my latest list of daily caches. I’m now somewhere in the mid 50s – about half way through the 100 cache streak! It doesn’t feel like work yet. I’m still liking the regimen of heading out each day. It’s kinda like having to go outside for recess.

5/7 Bikencache 80: The Box
5/8 Keeping it country T.B. Hotel
5/9 Mulholland Overlook
5/10 8/8/8
5/11 Dad’s Ammo Can & Pathtag Hotel This one is right outside the Church of the Chimes, where I was a soloist for several years. The church secretary has a great view of the search area, so of course, she and the pastor caught me hunting!
5/12 That Black Gooey Smelly Stuff
5/13 Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut… Brilliant bit of camo for this one…
5/14 The Grand Keychain and TB Hotel




4 responses

14 05 2010

What?! You’re in your mid-50s? Remarkable preservation.

15 05 2010
Tujunga Wash hike « Pianofab's playground

[…] Elin grabbed the video… more about our Tujunga hike in Elin’s blog. […]

15 05 2010

Hey Elin! Write me in for a few of your remaining 50! I’d like to grab a cache or two with you.


17 05 2010

I don’t get recess anymore.

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