Poppies and Kittens

6 05 2010

I got daring today and actually found TWO caches not far from my house. The second afforded a nice view into the neighboring Simi Valley:

I’ve basically just been caching to keep up on my streak.
4/24 Xtra Credit
4/25 Boogie Nights – Dirk Butt Kicking</a
Thanks A Lotte
4/27 Boys Only, No Girls Allowed!
This was one of four caches! Almost like normal, as I had to all of them in the park…..
4/28 Nefarious Nano
4/29 WLACC, Treasures of Scouting, Action! Boy Scouts 1 I drove out to the historic William S. Hart park in Newhall since I had time to go a little further afield. I left a few for another day.
4/30 The Cacheified
5/1 Walls to nowhere
The highlight of my week was a visit to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve! The flowers were really spectacular this year. I met my sister out there – she’d never been to the Reserve before.

5/2 10 Years! Los Angeles, CA What a great event, and I got a new icon to boot! The views from Elysian Park were expansive, and I got to see lots of local cachers, some of which I hadn’t seen in a long time! I wonder what the next 10 years of geocaching will bring? Be sure to click the link to this cache page to see the photo of ALL of us and more.
5/3 American Beauty – Mr Smiley
5/4 Marzipan’s 1st Birthday Flashmob! Marzipan, who I found at a geocache when she was 4 days old, is now a gorgeous full-grown cat. I haven’t found any more in the wild, thank goodness, but I am fostering a litter of rescued kittens. They all need good homes – anyone interested? The birthday event was really fun, and the cat got several nice gifts from those who came to pay homage.
5/5 Happy
5/6 Backdoor to Corriganville

I’m enjoying the pace of the cache or so a day, actually. I’m considering going longer than 100 days. Does anyone know what the streak record is?

GeoCraig and OLdweeb have posted some good reports lately – check out their blogs if you have a minute!

Meanwhile, my thought of the week: no matter what goes on in the world, there will always be poppies and kittens to enjoy!




One response

7 05 2010

Re: streak record
kablooey’s profile says “Last Day without a Find: July 15, 2003”
I don’t know if it’s THE record, but it’s impressive, in a scary kind of way…

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